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Beyond Biden and Trump and the American Future

Beyond Biden and Trump and the American Future

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This set includes the No. 1 national Best Sellers, Beyond Biden and Trump and the American Future. Both books are autographed by Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Beyond Biden:

Too many Americans are depressed and in despair about our nation’s future.

President Biden has emboldened left-wing radicals to demand the government impose profoundly destructive values and ideas on Americans.

In Beyond Biden, Gingrich explains how the struggle between the defenders of American exceptionalism and the forces of anti-Americanism is reaching a fever pitch. These forces have grown so large, so well-financed, so entrenched and aggressive that they must be studied closely and understood completely.

Gingrich argues conservatives should be optimistic.  After observing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ first year in the White House, the former House Speaker is convinced the 2020 election was a detour -- and not a turning point for our country.


Trump and the American Future:

Everything is changing. 

From the spread of the coronavirus, to the highs and lows of the economy, and on to the election, 2020 will continue this process of change. 

We don't know yet which way the American people will go, but we can describe what is at stake as the radical Democratic left continues to go all out to destroy President Trump and his followers. This wild period of change has been intensified by the virulent spread of COVID-19, but its roots go back to the summer of 2015. 

When Donald and Melania Trump came down the long escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 to announce his candidacy for president, the old order began to fall apart. When candidate Trump defeated 16 Republicans to become the Republican nominee for president, the old order on the right collapsed. When the shocking election result of 2016 shattered the news media and the left, the country fell into a cultural civil war which has continued every day for more than three years. 

Meanwhile, similar patterns of change began emerging around the world. With Brexit and the shattering impact of a global pandemic, the concept of a unified Europe has been crumbling. Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to seek opportunistic advantage everywhere he can. The worldwide challenge from the Communist Dictatorship in China has grown bigger and more visible. 

Despite more than three years of extraordinary growth producing historic low unemployment rates, rising incomes, and stunning stock market growth, the American economy has been shaken by the public health efforts to contain the virus. 

This book puts this kaleidoscope of change into context and outlines the choices Americans face in what may be the most decisive election of our lifetimes. No presidential contest since 1860 has presented the American people with a decision more definitive than the 2020 election offers. It is the radical Democratic left vs President Trump. 

To understand what is at stake, and what must be done, read this book and share it with your friends and neighbors. 

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