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Land of the Pilgrims' Pride

Land of the Pilgrims' Pride

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This copy of “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride” is autographed by Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich.

New York Times Best Seller! 

Ellis the Elephant is back and ready to learn about the birth of our great nation in the New York Times Best Seller, “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride.” Written and illustrated by Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich and Susan Arciero, Ellis once again educates and entertains as he discovers America’s 13 original colonies. Starting in Virginia, Ellis journeys through each of the colonies and learns about their unique characteristics. From Pocahantas to Benjamin Franklin, Ellis experiences life in Colonial America. Perfect for children ages 4-8, “Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride” will delight young and adult readers alike while exploring how America began.

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